Cleaning Solutions Kit

Product Code: 29138

Great for the workplace, home, or car is the portable Impact-A Cleaning Solutions Kit.

The kit contains all the essential Sanitising and Disinfecting products to kill germs and bacteria, as well as additional items to degrease machinery & equipment, BBQ’s, clean vehicles, trucks, windows, bench tops, workstations, as well as your hands.

Neatly packaged in a portable, sturdy toolbox, the Cleaning Solutions Kit provides you with a convenient way of storing all items in the one place.

Kit contains seven different products for seven different cleaning solutions:

• Hand Sanitiser 500ml x 1
• Orange Grit Hand Cleaner 500ml x 1
• Glass Cleaner 750ml x 1
• Truck Wash Heavy Duty 500ml x 1
• Degreaser Concentrate 500ml x 1
• Disinfectant 500ml x 1
• Multi - Purpose Cleaner 750ml x 1
• Toolbox 455mm x 260mm x 220mm x 1


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